Hair Foil Products



Each foil is pre-cut and specially treated to create a memory fold grid that allows for speed and ease of use. The fold grid also creates tear shaped loop that allows for circulation of air to aid oxidisation effectively.

Snaketooth Comb


The patented BlitzFoil Snaketooth weaving comb allows stylists to have complete control over the accuracy when weaving. Designed to allow you to pick up specific sections of the weave the Snaketooth comb offers 100% repeatable placement results on subsequent treatments.

The Body Board


The body board is the only device that allows you to preload all the foils that you want to use within a highlighting session; with it’s ergonomic design it brings you closer to the root than ever before, creating a sturdy working surface for applying your color. Used correctly it even allows for a “both hands free” application.

The back of the body board is specifically designed to accommodate easy delivery and reduces fumbling.

The BlitzFoil Fin


A revolutionary application tool, the Foil Fin allows for an even distribution of color, bleach relaxer of treatment product. It’s specially designed hole-system ensures that there is minimum product wastage.

Secondly the Foil Fin’s unique paddle design allows the stylist to close the foil quickly and easily for perfect product oxidization.

BlitzFoil Caddy


A practical trolley on wheels, which houses all of your essential foiling components. Designed to aesthetically fit with the modern professional salon, our caddy’s offer the flexibility of working alone or with an assistant.

Cut of solid metal with a salon-perfect finish, our caddy allows you the pleasure of having everything on hand when you need it, without the worry of spills and tipping often found with plastic produced caddy’s.