BlitzFoil Professional is a fully integrated highlighting system consisting of custom designed and patented foils, weaving comb and ergonomic body board that allows for precise and fast application of foils.

Effectively cutting the application time by up to 60% it is perhaps the easiest way to apply foils to your clients hair while still delivering a professional and effective service.


Foil System

Our patented Snaketooth comb introduces a new design dimension in weaving. It copies nature in it’s subtle symmetry of its weave. Similar in size to conventional combs, the snaketooth comb features double hooked teeth between conventional teeth.

The BlitzFoil introduction pack includes two sizes; the number one for fine weaving and the number two for thicker chunkier streaks.

This weaving comb developed over a three-year period, faultlessly weaves hair instantly and effectively removes weaving time from the treatment.

Because of its consistency it allows for perfectly repeatable and accurate results every time.

Why BlitzFoil

The BlitzFoil system offers comfort to the client both in time and accuracy in repeatable results. In turn the stylist is afforded the quicker turn around in heads, easily repeatable results and ultimately a cost effective and manageable foil solution.

BlitzFoil time saving aspect cannot be ignored. Where as a normal highlighting session can run into hours, BlitzFoil offers a system allowing a foil every 10 seconds. Used correctly a head of hair can be prepared and salon fresh in just 30 minutes. Ideal for working women on the go!

The precision and accuracy with which the same sections of hair can be treated three months later when new growth sets in is unparalleled. Clients can leave your salon feeling satisfied and walking away with exactly the look they were after.

The BlitzFoil system is not limited to highlighting and is also ideal for tinting and other coloring treatments.